3 Ways To Work From Home

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I love working from home!  But it took me quite awhile to figure out how to do it.  I mean, every where you look there’s a post telling you to click here to earn a gazillion dollars doing nothing.  Clearly, I understood that was never going to happen, but I did desperately want the convenience of working from home.  So, I started digging around.  What I found is that, although there are several ways to “make money” from home, there are basically 3 ways to actually WORK from home.



  1. The first is my personal favorite – network marketing!  Building a business of your own centered around a product that you believe in.  As a bonus, you can help others do the same.  The first time I ever heard Zig Ziglar say, “you can have anything you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want”, I took it to heart.  In the back of my mind at every job, there was that thought – is this helping other people get what they want.  I could usually find some way to make that connection, but typically it was a stretch.  When I found network marketing and essential oils, I felt as though I had hit the jackpot.  Everyone wants effective approaches to improving their health and wellness and my products did that.  They really make changes in people’s lives.  Then I began growing my team and teaching other people how to take control of their financial future by building businesses of their own!  Once again, I found myself in a place where the best way to get what I wanted was to help others get what they want.  So, this first way of working at home really is near and dear to my heart.  But, it did pose an interesting question.  How do I pay the bills while I build my empire?  Of course, I could keep my 9-5 and commute to the office every day but I really wanted the convenience of working from home.  And that brought me to the next 2 ways to work from home.
  2. The second way to work from home is to work as a 1099 contractor.  Many companies use independent contractors that work from home.   The opportunities range from crowd sourcing, to data entry, to customer service.  As a 1099 contractor you are not an actual employee of the company you are contracting for.  This allows you the freedom to set your own hours (as long as you are fulfilling the requirements of the contract) and choose the contracts you would like to accept.  Contracts vary in the amount of time required.  Some, like crowd sourcing, surveys, or data entry, allow you to work as much or as little as you like.  These positions typically pay per task.  Others, like social media evaluation, may require a certain number of hours per week.  Customer service positions usually have the least flexibility.  You get to select the hours you work from a range of available hours, but the available times are determined by the company you’re contracting with. I’ve held several of these kinds of contracts and prefer them to working as a remote employee of a company because of the flexibility they allow.  However, since it’s a contract basis you never know when that contract may end or not be renewed.  If you prefer something with more security, working as a remote employee may be more your style.
  3. So, what’s the third way to work from home?  You guessed it – as a remote employee for a company.  Many companies are finding it more economical to hire employees to telecommute or work remotely from their homes.  The most common type of remote employee positions are call center style jobs.  They may be in sales, tech support, or customer service.  The equipment required for these jobs usually include high-speed internet, a computer, and occasionally a phone line.  A few companies will provide these things for you, but you should be prepared to provide them yourself.  As a remote employee, your work schedule is determined by the company you are working for.  (They may or not provide  flexibility.)  That’s the part I really dislike.  I have never enjoyed being told what or when to do something.  But that’s just me.  There are a lot of benefits to being an employee as opposed to a contractor.  Your training time will be paid.  You are eligible for any benefits (vacation, insurance, etc.) that your company offers. And as long as you are performing your job duties, your job is secure.  Well, as secure as they come these days.  (Provided you’re not hired as a seasonal employee.)



Regardless of which style of employment you prefer, there are plenty of opportunities to work from your home.  It make take a little patience to find the perfect fit for you, but if your patient it’s definitely possible.  Start with some of these companies – Appen, Clickworker, Institute of Reading Development (seasonal), Paid View Point, and User Testing.


6 Tips To A Speedy Recovery

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I’m so grateful to be feeling better!  The last week or so I haven’t been exactly up to snuff.   Seasonal threats got the best of me and I was in desperate need of respiratory and immune support.  (Not to mention SLEEP!)  Although I’m stilled bummed that I missed out on getting to go to a Blue Wahoo’s game and to visit a friend’s new home; I’m thankful for the essential oil regimen that allowed me to bolster through my emotions class and recover quickly.

Here’s what I used.

  1. Nosey
  2. Breathe Stick (respiratory blend)
  3.  On Guard Plus softgels (featuring our protective blend, melissa, oregano, and black pepper essential oils)
  4. Expelling Blend (see recipe below)
  5. Life Long Vitality supplements
  6. Hot tea with honey and lemon essential oil

Expelling Blend

I applied the Nosey (a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and Breathe) roller to the bottoms of my feet each morning and evening.  I also occasionally used it behind my ears and on my wrists when I needed extra respiratory support.  I used my Breathe vapor stick on my chest and neck at bedtime to help open my airways as I slept.  The expelling blend lived in my diffuser for the week to help eliminate the gunk clogging up my lungs.  I sipped hot tea with lemon essential oil to boost my immune system and honey to and soothe my throat all day long.  And I added On Guard Plus softgels to my morning vitamins as well as took one at night.

The result?  I didn’t have to cancel my class, no loss of income from time off work, and a decent amount of energy for the majority of the day.  Aside from sleeping through some social activities I was looking forward and the big red nose I was sporting at our emotions class, I escaped fairly unscathed!

I hope these tips come in handy the next time seasonal distress gets the better of you!


Have natural solution tips of your own?  I’d love to hear them.  Comment with them below or feel free to send me an email.


Need oils? Click here.


My Dirty Little Secret

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I’ve been hiding a dirty little secret!  I’ve been absent for a few months.  Not just from you, but from my team, my business… my life.  Hiding under the excuses of not enough time and an opportunity to great to pass by; lies the truth. I quit! (Well, not really quit as I’m here now, but gave up.)  I lost faith.  I hit a couple of bumps (okay, okay, HUGE POTHOLES) along the way and I threw in the towel.  I went back on everything I teach and advise about persevering and believing in yourself and I gave up.  To my credit, I followed my own rule and quit on a good day.  (I hit my highest rank yet the day I said “to hell with it”.)  But I quit all the same.


Now, you’re probably asking yourself what I’m doing back here if I quit.  Well, the honest truth is, I’m to spoiled to quit.  I was truly ready to let this dream of creating a residual income and living life on my own terms, fully in control of my financial future go.  But then, I had to figure out what I was going to do instead.  I’ve continued working from home, but as an employee for another company.  Honestly, I enjoy the job.  It pays well, allows me to continue to work from my home office, and gives me a fair amount of independence. BUT, I still have to ask someone if I can have a day off to spend with my family.  I have to wait until Friday evening when someone else tells me when I’ll be working in order to make plans with my friends.  I’m at the mercy of someone else’s opinion of my performance to determine how many opportunities I have to generate revenue.  And I HATE that!  I took a really good look at what I wanted in my life – financial freedom, self-employment, a sense of purpose, control over my own schedule, time to travel.  All of these things could be accomplished by having my own business.  But I don’t have startup capital or the ability to acquire $100,000 business loan.  Or, to be honest, a million-dollar idea for a new concept that will launch me into instant success.  So, I pondered and pouted, and changed my mind a thousand times and finally decided that I had it right the first time.  Network marketing (and, for me, essential oils) was where I wanted to be.  I LOVED teaching people how to use essential oils as a natural way to care for themselves and their families.  More than that I felt truly fulfilled when I was showing others how to build their own businesses.  I was finally living by Zig Ziglar’s motto “You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  A phrase I heard as a teenager for the first time and could never get out of my head.  What a great way to make a living!  By setting out to help as many people as possible get what they want.  So, here I am.  Picking myself back up off the floor and entering the arena ready to do battle.


But, with a slightly different approach.  I’ve always thought that staying positive was key to being successful.  That you attract what you expect.  So, everything I passed on to you, my team, my social media followers was positive.  Life is great here in Essentially Holly world!  The Essentially Holly life couldn’t get any better!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of that!?  I was hoping that positivity would transfer to you and you would attract great things into your life.  And I still want that for myself and you.  But the truth is, things get hard.  I get frustrated.  People piss me off.  Builders can disappoint you. That’s the part that no one wants to talk about.  The part you can’t find in your daily inspirational reading.  And for me, that’s what led to giving up.  All the rah-rah was telling me what a wonderful life everyone was having.  Living their dreams, making great money, winning incentive trips.  Well, I was busting my butt, reciting affirmations in my sleep, and felt like I was getting nowhere. (Which clearly wasn’t quite true, as I had just moved up in rank. But I digress.)  If only someone had been willing to talk about that part, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone.  Maybe I wouldn’t have wasted the last 3 months using my talents to make someone else money.  So, along with my dirty little secret, I give you a promise.  To be real, to be raw, to be truthful.  Rather it’s a sunshine and roses or a hurricane and tequila kind of day. Because, let’s be honest, we all want to look on the bright side.  We all try to put our best foot forward every day, but sometimes (not often) we just want a stiff drink and a chance to commiserate. Not for long, not to dwell in our self-pity, but to feel as though someone else understands.

You Can Only Quit On A Good Day

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You can only quit on a good day.  It’s a saying that we network marketers like to shout loudly at the top of our lungs.  A go to answer for the team member ready to throw in the towel.  I’ve proudly declared it myself many times.  Well, that makes today an unquittable day.  And boy are those words leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.  Today I’m tired, today I’m stressed, today I feel defeated.  Today we put together a class that no one showed for.  It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last time.  But today, it stung.  As I looked around the room at my never doubting team chatting and wondering if our effort was for not, the weight of leading came crashing down on me.  They believe in me.  They trust me.  They are depending on me to help them change their lives.  And as I looked around at the Easter eggs we had hidden as a fun twist on the class, the untouched snacks, and the stack of catalogs that no one would be looking through; I wondered if they were crazy for doing so.  Don’t get me wrong.  I stood tall and smiled while I declared that no class is a waste.  “We got to practice preparing for a class and now we’ll spend our time training and discussing ways to teach your own classes,” I crowed.  And all the while, I felt like a fraud.  I felt small, I felt foolish.   I felt like I wanted to quit.  Today I could actually see myself slumping back to my old job, head hung in shame, declaring that I had failed.  And it almost seemed preferable to today’s disappointment.

To be honest I don’t know why today hit me so hard.  I’m having an amazing month.  In all likeliness this will turn out to be my best month yet.  But it’s been work.  A LOT OF WORK!  I’ve held 5 events this month and I have 2 more to go.  Two events have been great, the others – pretty much a wash.  But my team is on fire!  They are growing and sharing and recruiting!  I  couldn’t be prouder!  So, I sing their praises from the roof tops.  And I think, maybe, this is what’s hitting me so hard.  I love helping people.  Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  The first time I ever heard this it struck a cord.  I believed it, I admired the idea.  I desperately wanted it to be true.  So, that’s what I do.  I help other people get what they want in life.  I encourage and teach and give a good hard push when needed.  I praise and motivate and genuinely celebrate my team’s successes.  But I never realized how much that can take out of a person.  It’s as though I’ve spent so much time building up others that I no longer have the energy needed to build up myself.  Today, I want my me!

That’s selfish and petty and far from the normal chipper, you can do anything if you just put your mind to it Essentially Holly that normally exists, but today – there it is. I’m stressed, I’m tired, I’m working my butt off!  And none of that mattered today.  Today, I wanted to sulk and cry and vent and be angry.  But you don’t get that luxury when you have people learning from you.  When you lead you have to do so by example.  You stand tall and shrug it off and remember that tomorrow’s another day.  When you’re a leader you remember that you only quit on a good day.  And even though you don’t particularly care for the taste of that crow, you take a bath, you have a drink, and you start prepping for next weeks class.  After all, you can only quit on a good day – and that wasn’t today.



What Are You Saying About You?

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I’ve become addicted to Periscope!  If you haven’t checked out this app yet, DO IT!  It’s a great source of inspiration and training. (With some of your typical internet trolling occasionally interrupting the flow.) Thru it I’ve gotten to learn from people like Eric Worre and Hayley Hobson.  Recently I was watching a scope with Angela Villa and I heard a phrase I instantly fell in love with.  “How you do anything is how you’ll do everything.”  In other words, people will most likely form an opinion of you based on what you’re doing right then.  Even if that something is small.  After all, they have nothing else to consider.  So if I meet you while I’m blowing off a client meeting, then you can only assume I’m ok with blowing off my responsibilities.  If I’m constantly ranting on social media about how angry I am and how much I hate my life, then you can only assume that the choices I’ve made don’t make me happy.  How I do anything is how I do everything!

Now let’s think about that in terms of your business.  No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to attract new people.  It may be customers to your store, clients to your classes, or builders to you network marketing team.  In any case, people will be what makes or breaks your business.  And these new people will make their decision about you (and by extension your business) based on what they are witnessing when they meet you.  Making whatever you’re doing at that moment how you’ll do everything in their mind.  Were you being kind and patient with the obviously new customer service rep?  Then it’s safe to assume you’ll be patient and kind with a confused customer.  Were you ignoring a guest speaker in class?  Guess you’ll ignore me when I’m speaking.  Are you upbeat and clearly enjoying life?  Then let me find out what you do!  Are you in a foul mood and mad at life?  Let me stay far away from the choices you made!  How you do anything is how you’ll do everything.  It really makes sense doesn’t it?

It’s making me take a good hard look at how I present myself every day.  Sure, whenever I have a client meeting or class I always make sure I’m positive and put together.  But what did I post on social media yesterday?  Did that momentary rant really feel so good that I’m willing to let people believe that’s who I am?  We all have bad days.  We all get angry.  And we’re all entitled to handle that the way we choose.  Perhaps we should give that choice just a little more thought.  Especially if you’re building a network marketing business.  After all, what you’re really selling is you and your lifestyle.


How to Choose Your Network Marketing Partner

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So, it’s the beginning of a new year, a long awaited fresh start.  You’ve already decided this is going to be your year!  You’re going to conquer the world.  Look out gym, here you come!  Cookies?  No thank you, you’re sticking to this diet and doing it right this year.  And as for the boss man?  He should start working on that help wanted posting because you’re really going to do it this year – start your own business!  You’re taking control of your life, health, and finances this year and the sky’s the limit!  There’s just one small problem.  You’re don’t have a clue how.

Don’t feel bad, you are not alone in this.  I started many a new year this exact same way.  I could fill a small crater with the notebooks full of business ideas and good intentions I’ve written over the years.  I was never lacking for ideas.  I was going to open a yoga studio, buy the salon I was managing, open a quaint café, start a consulting business, and create the most amazing beach bar.  And these are just some of the more realistic ideas.   But it always came down to the same issue – how?  I’m a pretty smart cookie, but I still didn’t have the answer to this question.  I lacked capital, know how, and connections. Year after year, the first of January would roll around and I would read back over all my good intentions and dreams from the year before and realize I’d made none of them happen.  But that didn’t stop me from filling another notebook with how I was going to rule the world that year.  This went on for almost a decade.  But this year was different.

This year I sat down to review my accomplishments and create new goals and I realized, “Oh my gosh, I’d done it!”  I have a business!  I work for myself!  I felt like the Grinch on Christmas day!  It came without capital. It came without partners, or college, or loans! (Please excuse my reference to my all-time favorite Christmas movie.) So, what changed?  I discovered network marketing.  I gave up all of my preconceived notions about the MLM’s of yesteryear (you know, the slick sales guy standing in your living room swearing this was the best laundry detergent in the world. And that laundry detergent could change your life if you just agreed to give him a gazillion dollars every month and convince 400 other people it would change their lives too) and took a really good look at the industry as it exists today.  To my surprise I realized that this world had become a viable option for building a business.  Now that’s not to say that there aren’t still BS companies out there preying on the uninformed and continuing to encourage the stigma surrounding network marketing.  But if you do your research and use some common sense, you can easily launch your business and finally take control of your financial future.  So, how do you decide which company to partner with?


First of all, choose your product wisely.  There are hundreds of products available to build your business around, but unless you truly believe in your product you won’t be successful.  You must be passionate about what you’re selling.  Notice that I said “the product” not “the opportunity”.  Too often network marketing professionals get caught up in the money there is to be made if you recruit a team of a thousand worker bees.  But the truth is, if you’re not selling a real product that people want and need (and that you believe in) you’re just another cog in the MLM wheel.  For me, that product was essential oils.  Having spent equal parts of my adult life with and without insurance, I’ve spent years researching natural options for health and wellness.  Something that I could use to improve my health without spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket during those periods when I was uninsured.  So, when I was introduced to essential oils; I fell in love.  I began using them for myself.  Then I introduced them to my sister.  Soon I found myself giving them to coworkers and friends.  It wasn’t long before I started mulling over the business opportunity here.

Next, do your research!  Find out about the company you’re considering partnering with.  Are they established?  How long have they been on the scene?  Are they leading the market they’re in or falling behind their competitors?  Do they have a good reputation?  When you mention this company do people recognize them as a legitimate corporation?  Since you won’t have control over these aspects of your new business, it’s important to make sure your company knows what they’re doing.  The last thing you want to do is invest your time and effort into building a business around a company and product that’s fly by night.

Now for the good stuff – the compensation plan!  You wouldn’t take a job without knowing what you were getting paid.  Why would you partner with a company without the same information?  Be sure that you understand how you will be paid.  Also, take into consideration what you’re being rewarded for.  You’ll always earn more if you’re building a team under you, but beware of compensation plans that only pays you for signing people up.  If they’re offering a quality product, then you should be able to make money simply by selling the product.  For example, I earn 25% commission on any retail products I sell.  There are no strings attached to that arrangement.  As long as I am a wholesale member (a whopping $25 a year membership fee) I get that commission.  Now, I choose to also mentor a team because this allows me to build multiple streams of income.  It also means that my earnings are not limited to the number of hours I can work each week.  (My vacation was even better than normal this past year because my deposits kept right on coming.  Nothing beats sipping a beer on Bourbon Street and knowing your earning money.)  But I could earn a commission check without ever enrolling the first person.  Not the six figure income I’m looking for, but a viable check all the same.

Finally (and this important factor is often overlooked), you should consider the support you’ll be given.  Who is this person you’re agreeing to go into business with?  A good mentor and training can make or break you in this business.  You want to be sure that your company provides you with access to product knowledge.  Your sponsor should be available to you for encouragement, training, and answering your questions.  They should also be successful themselves.  In the long run your success or failure will be determined by you, but you should be given a foundation to build upon by your mentor.  Ask yourself –  why should I enroll with this person?  What are they offering me as a leader?  Do they believe in me? Do I believe in them?  If your sponsor hasn’t committed themselves to their business, why should you commit to them?  Personally, I offer weekly mentor calls and training sessions to my team.  I host monthly events for my team, customers, and their guests.  And I make them aware of the training programs developed by my sponsors.  As Zig Ziglar says, “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.”

So, now that you know what to look for, get out there and do it!  Make your dreams come true!  Don’t be afraid to reach for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!




If you’d like to know more about the essential oil company I am partnered with or joining my team, feel free to email me!  I’d be happy to chat with you about our products.  I’d be thrilled to help you make this year the year you finally turn your dream into a reality!

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

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It’s New Years!  That wonderful time of year where suddenly it feels as though you are set free from all of the mistakes and disappointments of the previous 365 days.  Being a lover of clean slates and fresh starts, I love New Years.  It’s the ultimate Monday!  No, not in the “blah, it’s Monday” sense of the word.  But in the “might as well wait to start that diet on Monday, after all it’s already Wednesday” sense of the word.  I love seeing the endless social media posts longingly remembering the good times of the previous year interrupted by the good riddance 2015’s!  Yes, January 1st is the embodiment of do overs!

Except, it isn’t.  It’s really just another day.  The mistakes you made yesterday still have an impact on you (just ask your hangover.)   But so does the progress.  The things you accomplished and challenges you accepted aren’t suddenly wiped out because that was “last year”.  To often I see people writing off an entire year as awful based on what was really just a few bad weeks there at the end.  You were sick on New Year’s Eve, and you’re boyfriend didn’t propose on Christmas.  “Good riddance, 2015!  You were the pits!”  They ferociously post on social media.  Forgetting that their daughter took her first steps that year or that they landed that big promotion.   The truth is every year is good and bad.  Every day has it’s high and low points.  To forget that is to throw the baby out with the bath water and naively forget the lessons you learned. Leaving you doomed to repeat those mistakes.  For me, 2015 was amazing.  For me, 2015 was horrific.

I found my calling. (Though many would think this work from home lifestyle is madness.)  I managed to create a life in which I can honestly say I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.  Every task I do, every contract I add to my repertoire, every client I meet with, or class I hold; is done because I want to.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I’d prefer to lie on the beach than tackle my to do list, but the truth remains that I alone decided on that to do list.  I adopted the cutest, if not spoiled, puppy in the world.  I took an amazing vacation to New Orleans.  I learned that I want things in life I never thought I did.  I made new friends and reconnected with old ones that I’d lost touch with.

But I also fought with friends.  I saw sides of people I love that I never wanted to know existed.  I was frustrated by what seemed like a never ending stream of home repairs.   I was disappointed by business adventures that fell flat.  I experience heartache and grief.  Grief so deep I didn’t know if I would ever recover.  And the truth is, changing a 5 to a 6 at the of the date doesn’t make any of that disappear.  So, while you’re setting your goals, and dreaming of the best year yet don’t forget the lessons you’ve already learned or make light of the accomplishments you made.


New Year’s is an amazing and inspiring time of year!  Don’t waste that sudden urge to finally make positive changes in your life.  Start a business, lose weight,  plan that trip!  But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water by trying to mold 2015 into a singular good or bad experience.  Every day of your life is precious.  Every lesson you learn, unique.  Make the most of them all.


Starting the day the right way!

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One of my favorite things about working from home is how I get to start my day.  I’ve never been one for waking up to an alarm clock.  Even if I got plenty of rest that night, there is just something about the first thing occurring in my day being an electronic screaming at me.  Blissful night’s sleep and sweet dreams – RUINED!  Since I began working from home, I (for the most part) get to let my body wake itself up.  What’s really crazy is that I frequently wake with less sleep than when I was having to get up to alarm.  I get up when I’m ready and get to start my day on my terms.  I feed the pets (I have the cutest dog, Pepper, and a princess cat, Cinder.), brew some coffee, and wake up slowly.  No rush, no time table.  I’ve never been much of a morning person.  Mostly because I don’t enjoy waking up early (9 am is much more my style) and I hate being rushed.  So, setting an alarm and beginning the mad dash to get out of the door on time always put me in a cranky mood.


Now, I begin my day in my office that’s a whopping 3 feet from my bedroom on my terms.  I’m able to sip my coffee while reading a few pages from my motivating book of choice.  Then I take a look at my ever growing to do list and select the activities I will complete that day.  I check in with my team and look over my emails.  By the time I begin to tackle the tasks of the day, I am alert, motivated, and ready to begin a productive day.  This was something that never happened for me in the traditional work force.


I was ripped from sleep, rushed out of the door, and forced to begin my day without the opportunity to really consider what needed to happen that day.  This resulted in low production, poor use of my time, and a feeling of resentment towards those I worked for.  When I think about it, I can’t believe I did it for that long!  No wonder I never felt satisfied.


Now, I know not everyone will decide to join me in my work at home lifestyle (though you should!).  But, you should consider adjusting your morning routine.  If you’re waking up with an hour to get ready and out the door, think about giving yourself more time.  At least enough to read a few inspiring, positive paragraphs and create a to do list for the day.  You won’t believe how much more you get accomplished!